Eggtronic is a worldwide engineering company, a reality in the electronic industry.

Dealing with worldwide companies and distributors, Eggtronic manages on a daily basis high reliability designs, sourcing, strict testing procedures and high volume productions.

Who We Are

Eggtronic is an Italian electronic company operating worldwide. We are a team of young and talented people, specialists in the field of mechatronic and electronic engineering. Our team is always at work to develop new and innovative solutions to make everyday life better.

What We Do

Eggtronic is specialized in the design and production of consumer electronics and B2B electronic design. Eggtronic engineers are experienced in the development of innovative technologies in the field of ecological and efficient power source.


The technologies we are researching will make every table, wall and any other surface able to charge wirelessly. Our technology will allow to interconnect smartphones, laptops, TVs and all kind of electronic devices.

Why Eggtronic

Eggtronic is a combination of the words “egg” and “electronic”. Why an egg? Because it has a perfect shape, and because we think that our products are Eggs of Columbus: brilliant ideas and inventions that are simple and easy after they have been invented.

Eggtronic Team

We are a team of young and talented people, mechatronics and electronics engineers, product and graphic designers, marketing specialists and business engineers. Our team is always at work to develop innovative solutions and frontier technologies to make everyday life better.